Spring 2014: Community Social Issue Campaign Teams

In Spring 2014 my senior seminar in social media and public relations class worked on researching, designing, implementing, and evaluating an original social issue campaign through strategic use of social media in our community on a social issue of their choice. Each group designed and implemented a social media campaign to increase awareness about an issue apromote events in the community toward this goal, and ultimately, raised funds to help their target publics. Below are the individual student portfolio websites of their work through the semester and below that, a brief introduction to the teams in our class and their social issues:


Spring 2014 Student Social Media Personal Branding Web-Sites

  1. Carmen Izurieta
  2. Amina Aden
  3. Cydnee Coker
  4. Amy Heckhaus
  5. Glen Carey
  6. Jacob Stevens
  7. Brittany Kinder
  8. Rena Martin
  9. JT Landon
  10. Dillon Kennedy
  11. Cameron Shiflett
  12. Jeremy Bernstein
  13. Tunde Banjo
  14. Colleen Gallagher
  15. Ajia Allen
  16. David Cabrera
  17. Jeanette Proakis
  18. Ryan Vanderwest
  19. Zach Price
  20. Cynthia Harley

Wagz’NWhiskers:  The Wagz and Whiskerz non-profit organization was created to improve awareness on abused and neglected animals in the Salisbury area. Our non-profit organization had three events such as The Deli fundraiser, Scoop the Poop dog park event and our event table at the Salisbury Job Fair. The Deli fundraiser consisted of customers bringing in the flyer we handed out on campus and 15% of their checks went to the Humane Society. The Scoop the Poop event was at the local Salisbury dog park where we went to play with animals and receive potential donations and the Job fair event table was a sign-up sheet for students to become more aware of the animals in the Salisbury area. We also had a week long box drive on campus collecting donations for the animals that will be given to the Wicomico County Humane Society. As a group we improved the awareness of animal neglect on the Salisbury campus as well as right around and off the campus. Our fundraisers raised a total of $38.25 and we received multiple donations such as dog beds, food and pet cleaning supplies that were given to the Humane Society. [Glen Carey, Brittani Kinder, Ryan Vandervest, Cydnee Coker]

D.D.D.:  Our social issue focused around raising awareness and preventing underage drinking within the Salisbury Community. We had three events that we promoted across our three social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook being our primary and Imgur being our secondary. We also made a Tumblr, but discontinued it when we realized it wasn’t reaching our intended audiences despite our multiple attempts to refurbish and redistribute it. Our first event was in conjunction with our Nonprofit Organization the Nanticoke Community Alliance. We heavily promoted the a meeting via Twitter and Facebook in which a town meeting was set up to warn the community about the potential dangers of drinking and driving. We reached out to Chief Inspector of the Wicomico County liquor board John Groncki and were able to convince him to be a key note speaker at the meeting. We also dropped off flyers at local high school to get our target audience involved. Our second event was a fundraiser held at the Deli across from campus. This turned out to be very successful as we were able to raise $71.43 at a 10% donation rate. Our third event was in conjunction with Saferide here on campus to reach the college underage students of our demographic audience. We delegated responsibility to volunteers and participated in the event to raise money for Saferide which operates as a free taxi service so students don’t have to drink and drive. [Jeanette Proakis, Dillon Kennedy, Zach Price, Cameron Schifflett]

JJJL: Raise awareness of cancer in general and prostrate cancer specifically among high school kids through working with the coaches and parents, organizing awareness and fundraising events, and donating funds to the prostrate cancer society. This group will also work with the local health care centers, women at salons to spread awareness, raise support and funds through awareness generating events. They have corporate support from the MAC salon. [JT Landon, Jeremy Bernstein, Jake Stevens, Carmen Izurieta]

The Latchkey Kids: Raise awareness of the issue of daycare faced by working parents with school going children. This group is designing events to raise funds and awareness and creating a network with local daycares, neighborhood associations, and a campus organization, Jaycees, to address this issue. [Amina Aiden, Amy Heckhaus, Cynthia Harley, Colleen Gallagher]

SToP: The SToP campaign was initiated to address those factors that contribute to homelessness, the conditions affecting the homeless as well as the issue as a general concept. The target population of focus included those affected by the plight of homelessness in the Wicomico County region. Facts on national statistics were used as supplementary tactics to engage the audience into the campaign and to further interest in the issue. Four events and social media promotion encompassed the strategy and tactics used to highlight the campaign and make it known throughout the community. SToP maintained key objectives that included raising awareness among different audiences about relevant facts pertaining to the homeless population and aiding in the collection of both volunteers and donations for The Village of Hope. The campaign team used Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube as primary methods of promotion. These social media sites are popular among the audiences specified as the target populations for the campaign. Facebook was recognized as the best form of promotion for the campaign throughout the entire process. We gained a total of 63 volunteers and participants total for the SToP campaign, gained solely by the campaign team without any outside influences. The SToP donation drive gathered 126 non-perishable food items, babies’ clothing, and school supplies. The campaign was unable to meet the goal of $50 in monetary donations as the primary event geared toward this had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstance. Social media played a key role in this cancellation and distributing the information in regards to that. Overall, the three events that were conducted: SToP Donation Drive, SToP Believers Volunteer Drive for the Great Clue Caper Race, and the SToP Sleepout were very successful because the campaign achieved the goals originally established for possible results. Individuals involved in the campaign gained a sense of understanding more so than before about the homeless, if not for the long term, at least during their participation in the events. [Campaign website. Members: Tunde Banjo, Ajia Allen, Rena Martin, David Cabrera]