The Happiness Message: Big Brands Love Social

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It’s not just you and me. Though social media certainly give power to the personal branding, media 2.0, flat-collaboration-peer-to-peer responsiveness-person.

The personal corporation: responding, talking, sharing, building relationships with each of their buyers, one-on-one. And using social media as PR/marketing to work with their target audience.

Here are two examples. First, Coca Cola. Second, Hollywood.
Coca Cola.
How a big brand taps into a universal happiness message. Happiness ambassadors campaign. Great way of staying local wherever in the world you are.

Click here to learn more.

Second, Hollywood, not too far behind.

Love the drama in the Twilight app! Read on Here.

Demo midnight podcast here:


2 thoughts on “The Happiness Message: Big Brands Love Social

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